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UNILORIN Vice Chancellor (VC) Recruitment 2023

UNILORIN Vice Chancellor (VC) Recruitment 2023

UNILORIN Vice Chancellor (VC) Recruitment 2023 – The University of ILORIN takes immense pleasure in announcing the commencement of the recruitment process for the esteemed position of Vice-Chancellor (VC). This crucial role provides an extraordinary opportunity for distinguished academicians who meet the specified criteria and are poised to impact our university community significantly.

The Vice-Chancellor’s role will fall vacant from 16th October 2022, and we are seeking an accomplished and committed academic leader to fill this position. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to lead and shape the future of one of the premier institutions in the region.

We strongly encourage all eligible candidates to seize this opportunity to contribute to our tradition of academic excellence and community service. Please note that the application process will adhere to a strict timeline. All applications must be submitted before the set deadline on 16th May 2022.

We look forward to welcoming a new leader to our academic community and witnessing our esteemed institution’s continued growth and development under its leadership.

How to Apply for UNILORIN Vice Chancellor VC Recruitment Job Vacancy

Eligibility and Requirement

As the Vice-Chancellor of the University of ILORIN, the selected candidate is entrusted with pivotal duties and obligations in leading the institution:

  1. The Vice-Chancellor assumes the role of the University’s Chief Executive and Academic Officer. In this capacity, the candidate is responsible for upholding the institution’s academic excellence, promoting innovative research, and ensuring the university’s strategic plans are implemented. Their role involves general supervision over all administrative, academic, and financial operations, ensuring the institution’s smooth functioning.
  2. As the Ex-Officio Chairman of the Senate and Congregation, the Vice-Chancellor plays a crucial part in guiding the academic and administrative policies of the university. The candidate must demonstrate leadership, ensuring that these bodies function efficiently to promote the university’s academic, research, and social objectives. In addition, the Vice-Chancellor will also serve as a member of the University’s Governing Council, contributing their expertise and leadership in decision-making processes.
  3. The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for managing the University’s resources – human, financial, and material. The candidate will oversee staff management, maintain financial integrity, and ensure efficient use of material resources. They will have to exhibit strong managerial skills, financial understanding, and the ability to foster a positive work environment for the entire university community.

In essence, the Vice-Chancellor is expected to bring a dynamic vision, transformative leadership, and a proven record of administrative excellence to the position. This role demands commitment, strategic planning, and effective execution to uphold and further elevate the university’s esteemed reputation.

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The Ideal Candidate

The Vice-Chancellor role at the University of Ilorin calls for a candidate with exceptional credentials, experience, and character traits. The ideal candidate should meet the following criteria:

  1. Academic Excellence: The candidate must be a distinguished professor with at least 10 years of service as of 16th October 2022 in a discipline offered by the University of Ilorin. This requirement ensures that the Vice-Chancellor will bring significant academic expertise and experience to the leadership role.
  2. Proven Managerial Skills: The ideal candidate should have a record of effective managerial abilities, with experience overseeing academic institutions or similar organizations. They should demonstrate a capacity to manage staff, oversee financial and material resources, and contribute to strategic planning.
  3. Teaching, Research, and Community Service: The candidate should have a proven record of excellence in teaching and research, contributing to the academic field, and serving the community. This requirement ensures the Vice-Chancellor is committed to the mission of the university.
  4. ICT Proficiency: Proficiency in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is critical in the modern academic environment. The Vice-Chancellor should be well-versed in using ICT in the administrative and academic operations of the university.
  5. Innovative and Entrepreneurial: The ideal candidate should demonstrate an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. They should be capable of identifying opportunities for the university to grow and thrive, driving forward initiatives that support the institution’s strategic vision.
  6. Leadership and Character: The candidate should be capable of inspiring the advancement of learning and reaching out to all persons. They should have sound health, pleasant disposition, unassailable integrity, and strong moral character.
  7. Fundraising Ability: The Vice-Chancellor should have a proven ability to initiate contacts and secure funding from national and international sources, demonstrating strategic skills and a commitment to advancing the university’s mission.

All claims made by candidates must be verifiable with evidence. This stringent requirement ensures that the university selects a highly qualified and capable leader as its Vice-Chancellor.

Method of Application

Each applicant must forward thirty (30) copies of a signed Curriculum Vitae and an electronic CD in PDF format, including detailed personal, academic, and professional information.

Applicants must also submit a statement of the candidate’s vision for the University in the next five years, not more than 1,000 words and not less than 600 words.

Conditions of Service

The appointment shall be for one term of five years only, with salary and other conditions of service as approved for Vice-Chancellors of Federal Universities by the Federal Government and the Council.

Submission of Application

Applications should be submitted to the Registrar and Secretary to Council, University of Ilorin, P.M.B. 1515, Nigeria, no later than 3.30 p.m. on Monday, 16th May 2022. Only shortlisted candidates shall be invited for an interview.

Application Deadline

Referees are to directly submit or post their reports to the Registrar under confidential cover no later than Monday, 16th May 2022.

Vice Chancellor Vacant Seat Date

The post of Vice-Chancellor of the University will be vacant from 16th October 2022.

Signed, Dr. Fola M. Olowoleni, Registrar and Secretary to Council

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