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Quick Loans Without Security In Uganda – Top Picks 2023 | Get Cash Fast

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Quick Loans Without Security In Uganda: Are you facing financial emergencies in Uganda and need quick cash without the hassle of providing security or collateral? In this article, we’ll guide you through the best online lenders in Uganda, offering swift and hassle-free loans without security. Whether it’s medical bills, home improvements, or any other unexpected expenses, these top picks for 2022 have got you covered. Get cash fast without the burden of traditional bank loans.

Quick Mobile Loans In Uganda Overview

Want to learn more about these quick mobile phone loans in Uganda? Here are the top lenders in Uganda with stellar reputations and their links:

  1. Platinum Credit
  2. Airtel Quick Cash
  3. MTN MoMoAdvance
  4. QuickSente
  5. Numida
  6. Airtel Wewol
  7. MobizPay
  8. ManguCash
  9. MTN MoKash
Platinum Credit2.5% to 10%
Airtel Quick Cash2%
MTN MoMoAdvance2.75%
Numida10% to 16%
Airtel Wewole1%
MTN MoKash5%

Platinum Credit

We will begin our list of online loans in Uganda with one of the veterans of the loan market in Uganda – Platinum Credit. It needs no introduction because the company has been serving Ugandans for decades. You can avail of quick collateral-free loans via Platinum Credits. The company came into existence in 2022, and since then, it has created an image of trust and reliability among Ugandan residents.

Platinum Credit Highlights & Features

  • Platinum Credit runs a ‘MobiLoan’ scheme that offers security-free loans to customers within 24 hours of applying for the loan.
  • Under the MobiLoan scheme, you can instantly avail of a loan of up to 50 million shillings via your mobile.
  • Besides, Platinum Credit also provides Civil Servants Loans, Logbook Finance Loans, Business Loans, Credit Card Loans, and personal loans.
  • The site has a live chatbot that assists and clears all doubts.
  • Platinum credit gives financial support without extra fees like processing fees, withdrawal fees, late payment fees, etc.
  • An individual can take a long-term loan for up to 96 months, and the fund is transferred through M–Pesa or directly into the bank account.


  • Early repayment is allowed without extra fees
  • Long-term loans are provided within 24 hours
  • No extra processing or other fees


  • The loan is provided only to civil servants and other selective employees.
  • Interest rates are high, ranging from 2.5% to 10% per month.

Airtel Quick Cash

Airtel is already a reputed telecom vendor, but recently it has launched a series of services that provide quick loans without security to Ugandan natives. If you are an existing Airtel customer, you can avail of a short-term security-free loan via the Airtel Quick Cash loan app in Uganda. You can use Airtel Quick Cash in case you have an insufficient balance in your Airtel money wallet while paying bills, sending money, etc.

Airtel Quick Cash Highlights & Features

  • Airtel provides quick cash in the user’s account in case of an insufficient balance.
  • Easy and quick eligibility test. You can dial 1857*10# to check your eligibility and continue the loan application.
  • Airtel quick cash has no loan limit. Hence, you can take two loans together as per your eligibility and convenience.
  • You can easily access all your loan details by dialing Airtel customer support.


  • Gives quick mobile loans to their 6 months regular Airtel money wallet users.
  • Borrowers can take more than one loan as per their eligibility.
  • A straightforward loan approval process that takes only minutes.


  • Short-term loans are given at high-interest rates.
  • Airtel charges 2% of application fees. Besides, the service is not available for all Airtel users.


Platinum Credit – Quick Loans with No Collateral

Discover Platinum Credit, a veteran loan provider in Uganda with a reputation for trust and reliability. Avail quick collateral-free loans within 24 hours via the ‘MobiLoan’ scheme, offering up to 50 million shillings through your mobile. Enjoy various loan options, including Civil Servants Loans, Logbook Finance Loans, Business Loans, Credit Card Loans, and personal loans. With no extra fees and long-term loan options, Platinum Credit ensures financial support when you need it most.

Airtel Quick Cash – Hassle-Free Short-Term Loans

As an existing Airtel customer, access short-term security-free loans through Airtel Quick Cash. Dial 1857*10# for easy eligibility checks and quick loan applications. Take multiple loans within your eligibility and enjoy a simple approval process in minutes. While Airtel Quick Cash serves its users well, be aware of the high-interest rates and application fees.

MTN MoMoAdvance – Swift Emergency Loans

Get instant emergency loans with MTN MoMoAdvance, a fast loan service designed for existing MTN customers. No need to apply repeatedly; clear eligibility once and access loans anytime. MTN’s credit score system facilitates quick mobile loans, with daily charges for outstanding balances after the repayment period. Ensure regular usage of MTN for seamless transactions and a hassle-free loan experience.

QuickSente – Instant Loans for Ugandans

Need a quick online loan app? QuickSente offers short-term, security-free loans to Ugandan residents above 18 with a national ID card. With a straightforward application process and interest deducted upfront, access quick loans for urgent needs. Remember that QuickSente’s short-term loans come with higher interest rates and limited repayment periods.

Numida – Unsecured Loans for Entrepreneurs

Supporting entrepreneurs with capital amounts, Numida facilitates quick online loans of $100 to $5000 to licensed companies. Download the app, apply for loans in minutes, and receive funds within a day. Ideal for semi-formal businesses, Numida provides loans without collateral, offering financial insights to help your business grow.

Airtel WeWole – Emergency Loans for Airtel Money Customers

Airtel WeWole, in partnership with JUMO, offers emergency loans to Airtel money customers. With loan amounts ranging from 8,000 to 500,000 shillings, Airtel money customers can easily avail loans without security or collateral. Keep in mind the application fee and interest charges for timely repayments.

MobizPay – Easy Mobile Wallet Loans

MobizPay’s mobile wallet app facilitates online payments and transactions, offering easy security-free business loans. Apply through the app and get approval within an hour, receiving funds instantly. With loan amounts up to UGX 3,000,000, MobizPay supports various avenues apart from loans and mobile wallets.

ManguCash – Intuitive Mobile App for Quick Loans

Enjoy quick online loans in Uganda with ManguCash’s intuitive mobile app. Install the app, complete the application process, and get approval promptly. As a mobile app-based loan provider, ManguCash offers loans without security, serving users with easy access to loans from their mobile phones.

MTN MoKash – Hassle-Free Loans for MTN Users

Another offering from MTN, MTN MoKash, provides quick, short-term loans between UGX 3,000 to UGX 1,000,000. Activate the service from your phone and apply for loans without visiting banks or providing collateral. Though convenient, ensure timely repayments to avoid rejections based on previous defaults.


When considering a quick loan without security in Uganda, it is essential to conduct thorough research, assess your financial standing, and analyze repayment capabilities. Carefully review the loan duration, interest rates, and repayment options before proceeding with a loan application from any online lender in Uganda. With these considerations in mind, borrowers can make informed decisions and access the necessary funds conveniently. Before applying for a quick loan with any online lender in Uganda, conduct thorough research. Consider your financial standing, repayment capabilities, interest rates, and loan durations. With the right choice, you can meet your financial needs without security or collateral hassles. Get quick cash and tackle emergencies effectively with these top picks for quick loans in Uganda.

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