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Logbook Loan: Lowest Monthly Payment in Kenya

Logbook Loan: Lowest Monthly Payment in Kenya

Logbook Loan – Get money for any car and continue driving it! With loan amounts of up to KES 2,000,000 and a flexible loan repayment period of up to 60 months, our process is fast, taking as little as 2 hours to secure your loan.

What is a Logbook Loan?

Logbook loans are loans secured using your vehicle’s logbook. You can get from KES 70,000 to KES 2,500,000 within 2 hours and retain the right to continue driving your car. The loan covers up to 75% of your car’s value regardless of age, make, or model.

Logbook Loan User Reviews

In this section, we explore the experiences of various users who have leveraged our logbook loans service. Our customer-centric approach has led to high levels of customer satisfaction, and their stories speak volumes about the quality of service we provide.

One of our esteemed clients, Brian Wanjala Wamalwa, shares his transformative journey with us. He was initially an employed boda-boda rider who had to remit KES 400 to his employer daily. Upon discovering our service, his life changed significantly. “I am from Bungoma and am currently a provider for my family because of MOGO,” he appreciates.

George Maina Kamau, another of our esteemed clients, narrates his story of growth with MOGO. George dreams of owning a fleet of cars and providing employment for young people. With our support, he sees his dream getting closer each day. “My dream is to one day own a fleet of cars and employ young people. I do believe MOGO will help me achieve this dream through financing.”

At MOGO, our primary goal is to provide financial solutions tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. The testimonials from our satisfied customers attest to our commitment to service delivery and customer satisfaction. Reach out to us today and let us help you fulfill your financial needs.

Flexible Repayment Plans

Repay your loan in affordable installments and choose your desired repayment period for up to five years, with a schedule set on a monthly basis.

Wide Reach Across Kenya

MOGO is dedicated to providing accessible and quick logbook loans to residents all across Kenya. Whether your car is old or new, our loans are designed to be straightforward and secure, with a flexible credit history review that considers your unique financial situation. We’ve streamlined our processes to ensure that you can receive your loan within the shortest time possible, often within just two hours!

You can apply for our loans online from the comfort of your home or office. However, we understand that some customers may prefer a more personal touch or lack reliable internet access. For these reasons, we’ve established branches in various cities and towns across the country. Our physical presence allows us to better serve you and ensures you have somewhere to turn for in-person assistance.

Below are the locations where you can find our branches:

  • Nairobi: The bustling capital city and one of the largest economic hubs in Africa.
  • Mombasa: A historical city and major international seaport.
  • Nakuru: Known for its rich agricultural soils and scenic landscapes.
  • Eldoret: An important Kenyan city famed for producing world-renowned athletes.
  • Kisumu: A port city on Lake Victoria, Kenya’s largest lake.
  • Thika: An industrial town is known for its large-scale pineapple cultivation.
  • Meru: Located on the northeastern slopes of Mount Kenya.
  • Kitengela: A cosmopolitan town situated in Kajiado County.
  • Bungoma: Home to several historical and touristic sites.
  • Kiambu: A picturesque town characterized by its blend of modernity and tradition.
  • Kericho: Renowned for its expansive tea plantations.
  • Kisii: Known for its soapstone crafts and vibrant agricultural sector.
  • Kitui: A town famed for its coal reserves and diverse culture.
  • Kikuyu: A fast-growing urban center within Kiambu County.

At MOGO, we are committed to making our services as accessible as possible, no matter where in Kenya you may be. So don’t hesitate! Apply for a logbook loan today and let us help you meet your financial needs.

Terms and Conditions

Remember that our terms and conditions apply. Visit us to get your logbook loan at these locations: Kiambu, Kitengela, Meru, Thika, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa, Nairobi, Kericho, Kisii, Kikuyu, Kitui, and Bungoma.

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How to Get a Logbook Loan?

Our loan application process is simple and straightforward. It involves four key steps: owning a car, applying online, signing a contract, and receiving the loan money. Below, we delve into each of these steps in more detail.

1. Own a Car

To be eligible for a MOGO logbook loan, you need to own a car and have a valid logbook. The logbook serves as collateral for the loan. It should be registered under your name, indicating that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle. This step is crucial, as it provides security for the loan amount that you will receive.

2. Apply Online

Once you have verified that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle and have a valid logbook, the next step is to apply for the loan online. Our application process is user-friendly and quick.

To apply, fill out the online application form. Here, you will be required to input information regarding your preferred loan amount and repayment period. Remember to provide accurate contact information as this will be used by our team to reach out to you during the loan approval process.

3. Sign a Contract

After the online application, a MOGO associate will contact you to guide you through the next steps. You will be required to visit the nearest MOGO branch to finalize the process.

During your branch visit, you will sign a contract. This contract outlines the terms and conditions of the loan, including the loan amount, the repayment schedule, interest rates, and the consequences of defaulting on your repayments. Ensure you read and understand these terms before signing the contract.

4. Receive the Money

Once you sign the contract, the loan amount will be disbursed to you. One of the best parts about a MOGO logbook loan is that you continue to enjoy the use of your vehicle even after receiving the loan. As you repay the loan in small, manageable installments, you can continue driving your car as usual.

At MOGO, we provide a fast, secure, and convenient way for car owners to secure loans. Reach out to us today and experience a seamless logbook loan process.

Requirements for a MOGO Logbook Loan

Acquiring a MOGO logbook loan is a simple and straightforward process. However, it’s necessary to meet specific criteria and provide some documentation. The following section outlines what you need to secure a MOGO logbook loan:

1. Logbook in Your Name

First and foremost, you must possess a logbook for the vehicle you’re using as collateral for the loan. Not just that, this logbook must be registered in your name, indicating that you’re the legal owner of the car. The logbook will be used as security against the loan you take.

2. National ID

Your National ID is another essential document that you need to provide when applying for a logbook loan from MOGO. The ID is a valid proof of identity and verifies your nationality. It’s used to confirm your eligibility for the loan based on your age and citizenship status.

3. KRA Pin

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Pin is another requirement for the logbook loan application. This unique identification number is issued by the KRA to all taxpayers, both individuals, and businesses. The KRA Pin not only confirms your tax compliance status but also aids in the verification of your financial history.

4. Age Requirement

At MOGO, we serve a wide range of clients. However, for eligibility, you must be aged between 23 and 70 years. This age bracket ensures that we cater to the majority of the adult population while adhering to financial regulations.

Securing a logbook loan from MOGO is as simple as meeting these requirements. If you fit these criteria, you’re on your way to obtaining financial support with our easy and fast loan process. Start your application today!

Real-life Stories From Our Customers

Don’t just take our word for it, read some real-life stories from our satisfied customers. From Brian Wanjala Wamalwa, a provider for his family, thanks to MOGO, to George Maina Kamau, whose dream is to own a fleet of cars and employ young people, MOGO has transformed lives in various ways.

Logbook Loan Customer Care

At MOGO, we value open and consistent communication with our customers. Whether you need more information, want to make a query, or face an emergency, our dedicated team is available to provide assistance. Here’s how you can connect with us:

Call Centre Working Hours

Our call center is open six days a week. We are here to help you with all your inquiries related to our logbook loan services. Our working hours are:

  • Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 9 PM. Our team is available throughout the workweek, ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.
  • Saturday: 9 AM – 1 PM. We understand that not everyone can contact us during weekdays, so we are also available for a few hours on Saturday.
  • Sunday: Closed. On Sundays, our call center is closed, but you can reach out via email or USSD, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Call Centre Contacts

You can reach us through the following methods:

  • Phone & Email: Call us at 0768469112, or email us at [email protected] for general inquiries or to discuss your loan account.
  • WhatsApp: You can check your loan balance and make payments through our WhatsApp number, 0768469112. This service offers convenience at your fingertips.
  • Emergency: For emergencies like an accident, theft, or any other critical issue related to your vehicle, we have a 24/7 emergency line, 0719089999. We prioritize these calls to ensure you receive the necessary help immediately.
  • USSD: For direct and quick service, use our USSD code, *695#. You can check your loan balance and make payments using this code. It’s easy and doesn’t require internet access.

Feel free to reach out to us during our working hours. Our dedicated team is ready and happy to assist you.

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