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How to Remove the Infinix Smart 7 HD Security Plugin MDM Permanently

Infinix Smart 7 HD Security Plugin – Hello Tech Enthusiasts! Today I will guide you through the step-by-step process of permanently removing the Mobile Device Management (MDM) from your Infinix Smart 7 HD. Let’s dive in.

1. Gather the Required MDM Files

In this initial step, you need to collect the necessary files to kick-start the process. Specifically, you’ll be needing the MDM files, which are versions of the device’s ROM files. Here is a more detailed breakdown of how you can gather these:

1.1 Understand MDM Files

MDM, or Mobile Device Management files, are specific to the Infinix Smart 7 HD in this context. They help control and secure the device remotely. The ROM files we’re referring to are particular versions of these MDM files. We’ll refer to them as MDM File 1 and MDM File 2 to simplify things.

1.2 Locate the MDM Files

These files can typically be found on the Infinix support site or through specific tech forums that provide downloads for device firmware. Please ensure to download them from reliable sources to avoid damaging your device.

1.3 Download the MDM Files

Once you have located the files, download them onto your computer. These will be necessary for removing the MDM from your Infinix device. Make sure to note the location where these files are saved, as you’ll need to access them later in the process.

1.4 Check the Files

After downloading, take a moment to check the downloaded files. They should be correctly named (MDM File 1 and MDM File 2) and free of any corruption. A quick way to check this is to open the files and ensure they do not show any error messages.

With the required MDM files gathered and ready, you’re all set to move on to the next step. Remember, preparing these MDM files correctly is crucial for the success of the process, so make sure to double-check everything.

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2. Launch the Pandora Box Software

Open your Pandora Box software, which we will be using as a tool throughout this process. If you haven’t installed it yet, please do so.

3. Select the Appropriate Chipset

In Pandora Box, select the chipset corresponding to your device’s CPU.

4. Power Off Your Device

After selecting the chipset, choose the power-off operation. This will ensure your device powers off automatically after any operation.

5. Access the Web Partitions

Next, click on the option to access the web partitions.

6. Connect Your Device

Now, connect your device to your computer. The benefit of this process is that you won’t need to continuously press the volume and power buttons on your device.

7. Wipe the Partition

At this stage, you’ll wipe the partition on your device. Please note that this is a new solution, not the older one which no longer works effectively.

8. Flash Crystal from Backup

After successfully wiping the partition, go to the ‘Flash Crystal from Backup’ option.

9. Locate Your MDM File

Here, locate MDM File 1 on your device. Select this file, then press the volume up and down keys to connect your device.

10. Disconnect Your Device

Once the MDM File 1 is completely restored, disconnect your device. Pandora Box will automatically switch off your device for you.  If you want to buy an easy buy phone, see EasyBuy Phone Price List: Affordable Phones for Nigerians.

11. Unlock the Bootloader

Click on the ‘Unlock Bootloader’ option to proceed to the next step.

12. Flash or Store from Backup

After unlocking the bootloader, click on ‘Flash or Store from Backup’ again. Now, locate MDM File 2 on your device.

13. Restore the Super

Then, restore the super, which you will find in MDM File 2.

14. Perform a Factory Reset

Once you have completed the Super restore, proceed with a factory reset. At this point, you’ve successfully dealt with the MDM removal.

15. Wipe the Partitions Again

After restoring the super, click on ‘Format Web Partition’ to wipe the partitions once more.

16. Boot Up Your Device

Turn on your phone. It should automatically go to recovery mode. Here, wipe the data and wait for your device to boot up.

17. Adjust the Security Plugin Settings

Once your device has booted up, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Advanced security plugin admins’. You should notice that MDM is no longer present. Here are EasyBuy Phones and Prices 2023

18. Pair the Original IME

Finally, boot your device and pair it with the original IME of the phone.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully removed the MDM from your Infinix Smart 7 HD permanently!

I hope this tutorial was helpful. For more tech solutions and tutorials, feel free to subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do I need to keep pressing the volume and power buttons on my device during the process? A: No, you don’t. The device will automatically power off after any operation.

Q2: What is the difference between this solution and the old one? A: The old solution has stopped working effectively. This tutorial provides a new, permanent solution.

Q3: What is the Pandora Box software used for in this tutorial? A: Pandora Box is a tool that helps to perform various operations like selecting the chipset, powering off the device, and restoring MDM files.

Q4: What is the ‘super’ mentioned in the tutorial? A: The ‘super’ is part of the MDM File 2. It needs to be restored as part of the MDM removal process.

Q5: What happens if MDM is not present in the ‘Advanced security plugin admins’ settings after the process? A: If MDM is not present, it means you have successfully removed it from your device.

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