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How Much is iPhone 11 on Easy Buy?

How Much is iPhone 11 on Easy Buy? When it comes to smartphones, the Apple iPhone 11 has undeniably left a significant mark in the industry. Despite the introduction of newer models, many still opt for the iPhone 11 due to its robust features and more affordable price tag. However, many potential buyers are left wondering – “how much is iPhone 11 on Easy Buy“?

Easy Buy’s Pricing System

Easy Buy is a platform known for its unique pricing structure, which allows customers to purchase products and pay in installments. For those asking, “How much is iPhone 11 on Easy Buy“, it’s vital to understand how this system works.

Easy Buy calculates the total price of a product, including the interest rate over a predetermined period. The total cost may vary depending on the payment plan you choose.

It’s essential to note that while the iPhone 11’s starting price on other platforms might be around NGN 323,175, the final cost on Easy Buy will include additional charges like interest. This is why the iPhone 11 price can appear higher on Easy Buy compared to the upfront cost on other platforms.

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Factors That Influence the Price

So, how much is iPhone 11 on Easy Buy exactly? Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer. The price varies depending on several factors such as the duration of your payment plan, the downpayment you can afford, and your credit status.

For instance, if you opt for a longer payment period, your monthly installments might be lower, but you’ll end up paying more due to accumulated interest. On the other hand, a shorter payment period might mean higher monthly payments but a lower overall cost.

How Much is iPhone 11 on Easy Buy in Nigeria?

According to the pricing information available on, the starting price of the Apple iPhone 11 is around NGN 323,175 in Nigeria. But let’s explore what the situation looks like on Easy Buy. You are expected to make a down payment of 30%, please take note that the Easy buy price of iPhone 11 depends on the payment plan. The Easy buy price of the iPhone 11 should be around NGN 400,000 to  NGN 420,000.

In Conclusion

To determine exactly how much the iPhone 11 is on Easy Buy, it’s best to visit their website and use their calculator tool. This will provide you with a breakdown of costs based on your individual circumstances.

Despite the possible increase in total price due to interest rates, the flexibility Easy Buy offers can make owning an iPhone 11 more attainable for many individuals. It provides the opportunity to break down the cost into manageable chunks, and in some instances, this could be the determining factor in whether someone can afford a high-quality smartphone like the iPhone 11 or not.

The key takeaway here is to make sure you’ve done your research and fully understand the cost implications before deciding on a payment plan. After all, knowledge is power when it comes to making the best financial decisions!

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